Table For Six, Large Desk Without Fasteners

Table For Six, Large Desk Without Fasteners
Categories: MotocrossTyres
Brand: Rosalind Wheeler
Color: brown
Size: 76.0 H x 135.0 W x 90.0 D cm
759.99 GBP
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This Rosalind Wheeler table comes together without fasteners: without screws, small parts or tools. It comprises only five parts all made of a lightweight and durable maple-veneered poplar plywood. It measures 135 × 90 × 76 cm high and can serve as a large desk or dining table for six. It is easy to assemble in less than a minute. Once assembled it is strong and stable, and won’t come apart even while carried up-side-down. It can readily be taken apart and reassembled, a benefit for home and office users who need to save space and move easily. It is made in China with responsibly-sourced poplar and maple plywood. The poplar core gives it lightness and strength, and the maple veneer a durable, beautiful surface. While the cutting is computer-controlled, the sanding is done by hand. The five parts are finished with a non-toxic matte lacquer. Plywood is an ecological material when made from well-managed forests. Since it is made by unrolling a tree - like a pencil in a sharpener - it makes efficient use of the wood. Plywood is more stable than solid wood, stronger by weight than metal and far more durable than particle board. At the end of its life, it is carbon-negative (unless it is burned) and not harmful to nature. This table is made for indoor use. Although the lacquer is water-resistant, spills should be removed within a few minutes to prevent staining. It can be combined with up to two Rosalind Wheeler “Bench for two without fasteners” or up to six “Stool without fasteners”.