Rosendahl - Soft Spot Solar Lantern Medium - Olive Green (26311)

Rosendahl - Soft Spot Solar Lantern Medium - Olive Green (26311)
Brand: Rosendahl
Size: M
130 GBP
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Create the right lighting both indoors or outdoors with the Soft Spot Solar lantern. The lantern can be used on the terrace, in the bookshelf or right there in your home, where you want a cozy lighting. The floating ball is encased in a burnished metal frame, which in an elegant grip protects the light ball and acts as a foot and handle. The lamp can be charged either with USB or via solar energy. The Rosendahl lantern comes in three different sizes and can stand alone or several together. Useful information about Rosendahl Soft Spot Solar Lantern: Small: H: 18.5 cm Medium: H: 25 cm Large: H: 34 cm Material: Metal and glass Manual or automatic ignition Can be charged both with USB or solar Illuminates for about 15 hours on a full charge USB charging time 1-4 hours Solar charging time 7-10 hours