Holmegaard - Design With Light Lantern 16 cm - Smoke (4343534)

Holmegaard - Design With Light Lantern 16 cm - Smoke (4343534)
Brand: Holmegaard
Size: S
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Holmegaard Lantern Simplicity with a modern look, that is what you could say about the popular lanterns from Holmegaard. Use Design with Light lantern all year round both outdoors and indoors. The lantern is indispensable for summer nights on the terrace or as a decoration on the floor, table, stairs or in the window. Only your imagination sets the boundaries. Designer Maria Bernsten, who is the person behind the beautiful lanterns, has created the mobile light source in a smoke-coloured glass and a clear glass, both with a leather strap. Since the glass is handmade, every single lantern is unique. Holmegaard lanterns are sold in versions of 19 cm, 25 cm and 29 cm.Useful information about Holmegaard Design With Light Lantern Small: 16 cm Medium: 25 cm Large: 29 cmMaterial: Mouth-blown glass with core leather handleNo dishwasherDesigner:Maria BerntsenDanish design