Drainer plate, absorbent

Drainer plate, absorbent
Categories: CampingSurvival
Brand: Belfry Kitchen
Size: 18.0 D cm
73.99 GBP
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From now on, no more water will collect around your carefully rinsed stemware. Simply place them on this novel, highly efficient drying mat and be amazed at how all the dripping water is absorbed in no time at all. The modern draining board is made of high-quality plastic and an absorbent mineral material with antibacterial properties. Hygiene is particularly important in the kitchen, which is why you can leave dishes or glasses on the draining mat for longer periods of time without bacteria forming on them. Thanks to the latest technology, the highly porous, mineral material absorbs water particularly quickly and allows it to evaporate. In contrast to conventional draining mats, your glasses will stand safely on a flat surface. A big advantage: because especially expensive stemware will not tip over on this flat draining surface. A special bonus point with this kitchen aid is the simple, elegant design: the grey plate is not only practical but also beautiful. After use, you can simply leave it on your kitchen shelf.