Dough Cutter

Dough Cutter
Brand: MasterClass
Color: black,gray
Size: 7.5 H x 15.0 W cm
8.02 GBP
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Take the trouble out of dividing your dough and scraping up any excess from your pastry board. The MasterClass dough scraper or cutter has a strong and sturdy construction that makes it the ideal tool for regular home bakers. With its thick, flat surface you can easily pick up, turn, cut and portion your bread, cookie or pastry dough. And with its chunky handle, you can enjoy a firm, comfortable hold at all times. Its sturdy straight edge is ideal for scooping up your dough without it sticking. It’s also handy for scraping small pieces of leftover dough from the surface. This means less wastage and less time spent cleaning up! This dough scraper cutter makes it easy to bake evenly sized bread rolls and buns too. Its blade features easy-to-read laser-etched metric and imperial measurement markings.