Doufeu Oval Dutch Oven

Doufeu Oval Dutch Oven
Categories: WatersportsClubs
Brand: Le Creuset
Color: red
Size: 17.7 H x 40.5 W cm
344.21 GBP
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The Le Creuset cast iron Dutch oven is particularly suited to slowly roasting food in their own juices. Thanks to the special condensation lid, the roasting food remains juicy and tender, even with slow cooking. Stylishly served in this dish at the table, the food remains warm until the end of the meal thanks to the excellent heat storage of cast iron. The varied and timeless colour palette is everything you could ask for and suits any decorating style. Cold water or ice cubes can be placed in the lid hollow. Due to the temperature difference and the bumps on the inside of the lid, the vapour condenses on the lid and drips back onto the food. This allows you to roast food in its your own juice for a long time without having to add extra liquid. The taste is particularly intense and meat cooked in this dish is succulent. Cast iron is perfect for storing and distributing heat. Once heated up, cast iron remains hot for a very long time. This means that you don’t have to fry food at high temperatures. You can still achieve great results at medium or low temperatures. The heat radiates through the even distribution up to the edge and all around the lid and back onto the food to be cooked. Heat sources can also be changed at any point during cooking. The casserole dish is suitable for marinating food in wine or lemon juice. The black enamelled interior is perfect for sharp and crisp frying. The bright enamel interior is very easy to clean.