Dio 200ml Drinking Glass

Dio 200ml Drinking Glass
Categories: MotocrossGoggles
Brand: Edzard
Color: red
Size: 10.0 H x 8.0 W cm
105.5 GBP
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These coloured glasses will add that certain something to your table. The hand-cut crystal is comprised of flashed glass. Flashed glass requires a complex production process. The mouth-blown glass is not simply dyed, the colour is given to the glass by the flash technique also an eye-catching tealight due to the colouring. This involves applying one or more layers to a clear base glass. This method retains the full-colour intensity. Stylish and versatile, these glasses will give your table a powerful splash of colour. The fine crystal glasses can be used in everyday life, for serving alcoholic drinks or as tealights. The hand-cut crystal consists of flashed glass and was produced by mouth blowing - high-quality components. The colour has been applied in one or more layers to a clear base glass. This means the glass will always retain its colour intensity. These fantastic glasses are also ideal as a present for birthdays, weddings, father’s day, mother’s day or simply as an extra gift to make a special person happy - they are the perfect gift.