Dessert Flash

Dessert Flash
Categories: CampingSurvival
Brand: Belfry Kitchen
Color: gray,pink,white
Size: 9.0 H x 27.0 W cm
73.99 GBP
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Surprise guests or spontaneous desire for a fine cream dessert? No problem with the new dessert blitz! The ingredients are mixed in just 30 seconds, and the fluffy cream can even be piped straight from the dessert mixer into the serving glass. You can forget about bowls, mixers, rubber scrapers and piping bags - from now on you can prepare your dessert in a flash, without much effort and with pretty decoration in the same appliance. Simply fill all ingredients into the cup according to the recipe flyer and insert the mixer. By moving the ingenious mixer up and down, the ingredients are mixed well within 30 seconds, and the airy dessert creation is already prepared. Do you want to serve your dessert effectively in a beautiful glass? With the new dessert blitz, it’s now easy, clean and fast. And without having to transfer the mixture into a piping bag beforehand! Screw on the star-shaped nozzle, for example, and arrange the cream as desired. The dessert flash includes a hole spout and a star spout, so you can choose which spout is best for your needs. This allows you to choose whether you want to pipe effectively or fill quickly, depending on your needs. The perforated spout, for example, is ideal for efficiently and evenly filling vanilla cream into fruit tarts. In addition, a dessert served with a star-shaped spout immediately looks very decorative and appetizing. Particularly practical about this kitchen gadget: the cup and individual parts are dishwasher-safe and can be put together. So you can store the dessert flash compactly after cleaning.