Denson 300cm Traditional Parasol

Denson 300cm Traditional Parasol
Brand: Freeport Park
Color: brown,green
Size: 260.0 H x 300.0 W x 300.0 D cm
137.99 GBP
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This traditional umbrella protects you from the sun in a very stylish way. The wooden pole has a lever on it which unfold your umbrella within a few turns. If you choose the Denson umbrella, you can also pick between the four available colours. A shadow is only a lever turn away. Enjoy the sun in a responsible way pre’s: - wooden pole - lever. Product maintenance advises: Although this product of nature has many benefits, please note the wood stays in effect under the different weather types it will be exposed. Excessive moist can cause the wood to expand and cracks can appear. Usually, these cracks will disappear when the wood dries. We strongly advise to live up to the maintenance guide and to protect your furniture against the changing weather conditions. Different materials require different types of maintenance. Please read the maintenance guide thoroughly to keep your furniture in mint condition as long as possible.