Deluxe 2 Piece Bath Towel Same-Size Bale

Deluxe 2 Piece Bath Towel Same-Size Bale
Categories: HikingAccessories
Brand: Nicola Spring
Color: gray
Size: 0.5 H x 90.0 W x 162.0 D cm
44.99 GBP
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The range of small traditional Turkish cotton beach towels offers a truly remarkable combination of durability, practicality, functionality and striking summer style. Based on the classic Peshtemal towel that has been a staple in Anatolian steam baths for centuries, the extra-long fibres of these 100% cotton towels provide incredible strength despite their lightweight feel. Smooth and luxurious against your skin, you’ll be amazed at how quickly these towels dry both you and yourself no fear of that same mildew smell that can sometimes taint a normal bath or beach towel. The small size makes them extremely portable, allowing you to pack them in your beach bag or travel backpack with plenty of room to spare. With a variety of colours available, the beach towels make a perfect vibrant additional to any setting; they can even be used as scarves, throws, floor rugs and more.