Delmoe Pizza Oven

Delmoe Pizza Oven
Categories: WatersportsPaddleboard
Brand: Dakota Fields
Color: brown,gray
Size: 46.0 H x 33.0 W x 33.0 D cm
399.99 GBP
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The pizza oven is small but mighty, it can be used with either charcoal or kiln-dried wood, it will cook your pizzas in a matter of minutes! Just heat up the handmade paddle that comes with it, place your pizza on it and cook away! Then if you don’t fancy cooking, take the oven off and enjoy the heat sat around the pit.Care must be taken when using the fire pit, and we would recommend cleaning and store in a dry environment after use. Please note mild steel is a natural material and will rust, to slow the rusting process apply a light coating of vegetable oil after use.Optional extras: Stand to make the unit hip height, extra paddles, extra oven.