Deer - Unframed Photograph Print on Glass

Deer - Unframed Photograph Print on Glass
Categories: MotocrossGoggles
Brand: Union Rustic
Color: brown
Size: 60.0 H x 40.0 W x 3.0 D cm
125.99 GBP
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The wall art with glass pictures so the colours appear more intense and brighter to the viewer. Due to the design, the picture is laminated directly onto the back of the glass plate so that no layer of air between the glass plate and the picture can refract the incident light. You can also clean the glass without damaging the photo motif. The edges are ground cleanly making a frame unnecessary. The motifs are printed on foil in brilliant UV-resistant and solvent-free colours. The glass picture is additionally glued to a body of sheet steel. The combination of glass, foil and metal prevents glass splinters from flying around in case of possible glass breakage. With a strong magnet, you can also use the glass picture as a memo board. The delivery includes mounting material and if none of the pictures is suitable for you, there is also the possibility to print your own personal picture. If you have any problem, let’s contact and you will always are helped.