Deep Casserole 23L 360X(H)220 Mm

Deep Casserole 23L 360X(H)220 Mm
Categories: CampingSurvival
Brand: Belfry Kitchen
Color: gray
Size: 22.0 H x 36.0 W cm
164.99 GBP
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Chef de cuisine, based on its many years of experience in the industry, combined with advanced technology, has specialized in the production of 18/10 steel cookware with the highest strength and parameters adapted to professional applications. The production technology is based on the innovative Dynamic Impact system - impact bonding, which means that the three-layer coating, serving as the bottom in each of the professional cookware, is made by the impact method under a pressure of 2,500 tons. The three-layer, forged thermal bottom has a specially profiled bottom, which under the influence of temperature changes its shape to a perfectly flat, which means that even at very high temperatures it maintains the ability to cook and fry evenly. The bottom retains, but also distributes heat quickly and evenly, which saves about 60% of energy compared to pots made with the usual soldering technology. For the convenience of use, the dishes are equipped with ergonomic handles, spot-welded up to 10 points, which additionally ensures the highest durability. Chef de cuisine pots can be used on all possible types of cookers (gas, ceramic, electric and induction), they can also be washed in the dishwasher.• High-class stainless steel (18/10)• Stainless steel covers (18/10)• 0.80mm-1.20mm thick steel (depending on size)• Three-layer aluminum-steel bottom SANDWICH BOTTOM with a thickness of 5-8 mm (depending on the size)• Professional handles that do not heat up• Dynamic Impact technology and forged bottom• Also available in large sizes (KING SIZE collection)• Satin finish• Dishwasher safe