Decathlon Soft Running Flask - 500ml

Decathlon Soft Running Flask - 500ml
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Brand: Decathlon
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Decathlon of trail running enthusiasts designed this 500 mL flexible flask for comfortably transporting your drinks during your trail runs. Make yourself comfortable during your trail runs. Thanks to its flexible shape, your 500 mL flask is easy to carry in hand and can be easily stowed away in your bag or trail running jacket. Compact design: Save space thanks to the flexible and compressible material of your flask. Noise level: Your flask will remain silent while you run by easily removing the air inside. Lightweight: Run and feel light: your flask weighs only 35 g when empty. Ease of use: Drink easily thanks to the opening system that involves rotating the mouthpiece. Mouth comfort: Run comfortably with the accessible silicone bite valve for mouth comfort. Size: H5.6, W10.2, D27.2cm. Manufacturer’s 1 year guarantee. EAN: 3608429712794.