Decathlon Soft Running Flask - 250ml

Decathlon Soft Running Flask - 250ml
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Brand: Decathlon
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Decathlon teams developed this flexible 250ml running flask for easier hydration while you run. Carry it in your hand or in a pocket? An elastic ring to hold it in your hand and a lockable teat to prevent it from leaking in your pocket while you run. Compact design: By gradually squeezing it as you drink the contents, it will occupy less space. Carrying comfort: The soft flask is comfortable to carry on your body. Easy opening/closing: The flask is opened and closed by simply rotating the mouthpiece. Noise level: You will no longer be bothered by the sound of sloshing water. Easy transport: Elastic ring for easy transportation when running. Size: H5.4, W9.9, D23.6cm. Manufacturer’s 1 year guarantee. EAN: 3608429712787.