Channel 3m Cantilever Parasol

Channel 3m Cantilever Parasol
Brand: Freeport Park
Color: brown
Size: 180.0 H x 300.0 W x 300.0 D cm
101.99 GBP
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This parasol with base beautiful beige cover great for patio and dining sets, plus sunloungers sturdy, stable cross-shaped base. Easy-opening and closing crank handle height adjustable strong aluminium pole, plus steel rib vented top for extra stability water-resistant fabric. It has a huge amount of shade as it overhangs. So it doesn’t need to be located in the centre of a patio or dining set it overhangs from above. Or use it over the top of sunloungers on a patio. This parasol can be folded and detached for easy winter storage. It stable as its bolted to the ground and as its vented so gusts of wind can escape without risking them lifting the parasol. For such a small price it gives you big coverage.