Fabulous Mountain Bike Tricks You Can Learn Fast

  • 21 Feb, 2021

While riding a mountain bike is a thrill in itself, mountain bike tricks are an even bigger thrill. Apart from being exciting to perform, these tricks can be useful for getting out of tight corners and hazards you might encounter when riding on trails. If you are a beginner, there are some tricks you can learn fast. Once you master them, you can learn more complex tricks.

Before learning tricks, you must have the necessary parts and accessories for your mountain bike. For parts, get quality tires, seats, suspension parts, pedals, light chains, derailleurs, grips, wheel and tubes. For accessories, source high-quality helmets, boots, lights, knee pads and gloves.

Best Mountain Bike Tricks For Beginners

One of the mountain bike tricks for beginners is bunny hop. It involves jumping while off the ground with the rear wheels first. For getting through a drop, the nollie is ideal. It is also a jump but it is made with the front wheels.

Unweighting is another useful mountain bike trick. It is important for getting over obstacles in different kinds of terrains. It is done by pushing your weight to one side of the bike to reduce the weight on the other side. It takes time to master.

How Mountain Bike Tricks Can Help When Riding Trails

Apart from being impressive and fun to perform, mountain bikes tricks are helpful for getting through obstacles and other hazards on a trail.

  • The bunny hop is useful for getting over logs and other small obstacles.
  • The nollie is useful for getting through a drop safely.
  • Unweighting comes in handy for riding over different kinds of terrain.

Other Useful Mountain Bike Tricks

One of the other useful mountain bike tricks is the wheelie drop. It is very handy for getting through continuous drops while keeping a bike steady. When riding in potentially risky conditions, the front wheel touch-up is ideal for getting over a small lift safely.

If you are riding on a new or unfamiliar trail, you may encounter something that makes you stop abruptly. The stoppie will help you do that safely. To get through tight corners, the endo turn that involves breaking fast while staying balanced on the rear wheel comes in handy. For tackling large obstacles, the fakie works well.