How To Dress For a Mountain Hike

  • 21 Feb, 2021

Living in Cape Town, most residents know exactly how to dress for a mountain hike, as it's something we seem to all do from a very young age. While a day might start off sunny and warm, the temperatures on a mountain can plummet as soon as the sun shifts position, leaving you shivering and a long way from any source of warmth.

A valuable investment is owning a decent pair of hiking boots. Depending on where you will be hiking - soft trails or the rockier outcrops, you will want to make sure that the pair you purchase is relevant to the environment you'll be in.

When Should I Layer?

When you go mountain hiking it's always a good plan to layer up! Start with a decent pair of underwear (sounds obvious, and yet it still needs to be pointed out) and a t-shirt. Layer onto that and try to include a light but waterproof jacket.

Try to bring plasters with for your feet and any sensitive parts that might start to chafe. If you think that the weather might lean towards being damp, then steer away from denim of any sort and rather use nylon.

How to Dress for a Mountain Hike?

I've listed the top three items that I know I always need whenever I go hiking - extra pair of socks might save your feet!

  • Hiking boots - it's so important to make sure your shoes are sturdy and supportive
  • T-shirts - it's all about the layering when it comes to hiking
  • Socks - always bring an extra pair for just in case

What shouldn't I wear?

When figuring out how to dress for a mountain hike, it's also good to mentally check off the items you should NOT wear. This includes items like denim, silk, cotton, no-show socks, flimsy or open shoes, bras with clasps, bulky pants and jackets.

Cotton and denim take a very long time to dry out, so whether it's from rain or sweat, you want to make sure you have something that can breathe against your skin. When it comes to chafing and rashes, it's no joke and you don't want to be left in agony on the side of a mountain.