Beginner Dirt Bike Stunts You Can Try

  • 17 Jan, 2021

Everyone wants to give dirt bike stunts a try, but most of the time, we are scared of the consequences. Some tricks are so risky that any novice is likely to get hurt badly. Regardless, there are tons of stunts for beginners just trying their hand at dirt bike riding. This article will provide you with beginner bike stunts to try out.

From backflips on dirt bikes to motorcross freestyles, there are tons of things you can do on a dirt bike. Our guide will help you master these great tricks and help minimize the number of mistakes.

Jumping And No Footers

Here are three incredible dirt bike tricks that every beginner should master. 1. Jumping on a dirt bike: To jump, you must be aware of the steepness of the slope and begin with small jumps before slowly increasing the jump heights. Approach the jump in a straight line.

Slowly lean in front when running up the ramp, gain control by standing up on the pegs, position your knees and keep your arms at length. 2. No footer: To perform a no footer, slowly take one foot off when mid-air.

3 Dirt Bike Stunts Every Beginner Must Learn

Once you have learnt how to lift your feet off the ground, you can try your hand at a few of these beginner bike stunts

  • Backflips: This stylish but dangerous trick involves the use of power and the third gear.
  • Front flips: Front flips are tougher than backflips but can be mastered by beginners.
  • Front Fender Kiss: Once airborne, perform a fender kiss by leaning forward with your face.

Common Beginner Dirt Bike Mistakes

Most beginners are often so anxious to perform dirt bike stunts without first grappling with the basics of dirt bike riding. These include maintaining incorrect body balance, failing to wear the right gear, and failing to look ahead.

Beginners must ensure that they have mastered the art of clutch control and throttling before attempting to jump on their bikes. Failure to do so may be harmful. Also, master the art of maintaining a normal grip on the handlebars. Although handlebars are helpful for safety and control, high overgrip is dangerous.